A brief outline of our process from start to finish:


1.  Complete the contact submission form and send an enquiry.

2. Collect a few visual references to assist with the look and feel of your perfect garment.

3.  Schedule a first consultation session where we can discuss your lovely dress ideas and budget over a cup of coffee.

4. Once we have finalised the look, fabric choices and quality trimmings, you can expect a custom quotation within 1 week.

5. After the approval of your quotation a 50% deposit is payable, accompanied by a signed contract, to book our services.

6. The dressmaking process is then put into motion with the assigned designer sourcing the perfect fabric and trim samples.

7.  A second meeting is then arranged where the you can see the samples that have been sourced and together we can then decide on the best option.

8. During the second meeting measurements are taken and so the process can begin!

9. The time frame is difficult to give as it all depends on how intricate the dress is, how punctual and available the client is and also how busy we are at the time. The entire process usually requires at least 3 months from start to finish.

10. The amount of fittings also depends on the specific dress, but usually range between 3 - 5 times. We add additional fitting sessions until both parties are happy with the result. If any additions are made to the design along the way, it will be added to reflect in the final invoice.

11. Final payment is due before your dream dress is collected at the final dress fitting.




We look forward to hearing from you and creating the perfect sculptured couture outfit for your special occasion. 

Please fill out the contact submission form and get in touch:

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