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Synthesis and characterization of low molecular weight poly(1

201342- zir- conocenes containing alkyl and aryl (g mol−1) PDIb Productivity (kg/mol Zr/h(1- butene) macromolecules with 3000–4000 g

Methods of forming polymeric structures using carbon dioxide

(7.6 MPa) to about 4000 psia (27.6 MPa). PDMS Mw Entry wt % Yield (GPC) PDI 29 Si The film thicknesses were measured using

Preventie en vroege opsporing van astma : de PIAMA studie

Hiertoe zijn de afgelopen jaren ruim 4000 kinderen vanaf hun geboorte tot en met hun achtste verjaardag gevolgd. In die tijd zijn regelmatig allerlei

Deoxybenzoin-based Anti-flammable Polyphosphonate and Poly(

Feed Actualb Yield (%) Mw (g/mol) Mn (g/mol) PDI HRC (J/g K) 2,6-Me2PhOH 0.5 79 54000 24000 2.3 2,6-Me2PhOH 1 75 116000

?IDDQ Testing of a CMOS 12-Bit Charge Scaling Digital-to-

4000 5000 Digital Input Code Figure 4.4: Simulated and measured PDIBLC1 = 0.0586727 +PDIBLC2 = 3.988846E-3 PDIBLCB = -0.0530319


201437- C50000 Environmental studies D23340 Biopharmacology, toxicology D23350 Psychiatry, clinical psychology D24000 Health sciences D24300 Nutrit

Method of extrusion cooking an edible material

Dry Recipe Rate kg/hr 3000 4000Feed Screw Speedrpm 64 78PRECONDITIONING with a PDI of at least about 90 and more preferably at least about 95

Verwachtingen van klagers bij klachtbehandeling (WKCZ)

Onderzoeker Dr. E.M. Sluijs Projectleider Prof.dr.ir. R.D. Friele Classificatie D24000 Gezondheidswetenschappen D41000 Rechtswetenschappen

Norbornene compounds with cross-linkable groups and their

(Polydispersity index, PDI=Mw/Mn, i.e., the molecular weight distribution 1000 184000 1.6 *[M]/[I] means concentration ratio of monomer to

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Cationic polymerization process and catalyst system therefor

(Rl-detection), was Mn=101000; Mw=184000 and the cyclopentadiene content,Examples are provided in the attached tables (Note: PDI=polydispersity index

(Pentaphenyl)phenyl group containing compound, polymeric

Mn Mw PDI P1 4400 5500 1.25 P2 14200 21000 1.48 P3 24000 35500 1.48 P4 16100 21200 1.33 P5 12200 18000 1.5 P6 16100 21600 1.35 P7 15200


2009312-(Efn): Efn values of up to about one; 2) controlled PDI values ranging4000; 4) molecular weights (number average molecular weight (Mn)<40


A method for manufacturing a hose/connector assembly of polymeric material. The assembly comprises a flexible hose (10) that includes at least one layer

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Betrokken personen Projectleider Prof.dr.ir. P.M. Bongers Classificatie D24000 Gezondheidswetenschappen D70100 Personeelwetenschappen

(Pentaphenyl)phenyl Group Containing Compound, Polymeric

TABLE 3 Mn Mw PDI P1 4400 5500 1.25 P2 14200 21000 1.48 P3 24000 35500 1.48 P4 16100 21200 1.33 P5 12200 18000 1.5 P6 16100 21600 1.35

Polymerisation initiator and use

Run (%) BzMAb) (%) (g.mol−1) (g.mol−1) (g.mol−1) PDI 5 80 65 15000 24000 14500 1.10 6 82.5 79.7 22000 34000 20200 1.20

Modulation of the bioactivity of phytoestrogens by enzymes of

4000 Da (Kamal-Eldin et al., 2001). The HMGA and SDG units form ester linkages that are unstable in an alkaline environment. Besides SDG and HMGA,


2008720- A preferred upper limit of a molecular weight distribution (PDI=Mw/Mn) Comparative 97 4000 1.09 350 87 Example 2 Comparative 97 4100 1

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M.J. Bakermans-Kranenburg Co-promotor Dr. S.H.N. Willemsen-Swinkels Promovendus Dr. A.H. Rutgers Classificatie D54000 Pedagogiek

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